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BSP's New 1000 - Peso Now Out To The Public

Courtesy: @meltlopez / CNN Phlippines

The Philippine Central Bank's new Php 1000 polymer banknotes has released its initial batch since April 18, 2022. Says Governor Benjamin Diokno of Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas.

Based on an article published by Philippine New Agency, Governor Diokno says in a virtual briefing last Thursday, April 14 that it will be initially through over-the-counter. And maybe in six months time, the new polymer banknotes will be at ATMs (automated teller machines), understanding that they (banks) have to reconfigure the ATMs.

Courtesy: Manila Bulettin Online Youtube Channel

The new polymer bank notes has new features, you may click on the links below for the details:

The new 1000-Piso polymer banknote will be circulated alongside the current 1000-Piso paper banknote and both can be used for payments.

For updates, you may visit the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas' website or Facebook page.


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