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Message from the Municipal Mayor

Mayor Allan Martine S. De Leon, MPA

Mayor Allan Martine S. De Leon, MPA

Mayor-elect Allan Martine S. De Leon is an alumnus of Centro Escolar University and graduated his Master's Degree in Public Administration in Philippine Christian University.

He has served in different local government positions as a Barangay Councilor in 2007, a Municipal Councilor in 2010 and as the Punong Barangay of Pamahalaang Barangay Dolores from 2013 until his official inauguration as Municipal Mayor on June 30, 2022

He Banners the tagline "Serbisyong May Ngiti" which underscores the role of serving the full commitment, passion and authenticity as the Mayor-elect believes that authentic and genuine leadership radiates from the inside out.

As one of the youngest elected officials during his tenure as Barangay and Municipal Councilor, Punong Barangay and now Mayor, Mayor-elect Allan De Leon stressed the importance of participation in all spheres and sectors of the society.

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