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LRT Line 2 Fully Resumes Its Operations With Limitations and Restrictions


Good news to east side commuters!

The LRT Line 2 (or the Purple Line) [Santolan - Recto Route] resumes its full operations with limitations and restrictions after its Rectifier Substation(RSS) tripped and caught on fire in between Katipunan and Anonas Stations previously.

Based on a post by Light Rail Transit Authority - LRT 2 Facebook Page, LRTA Administrator Gen. Reynaldo Berroya said that all appropriate tests were conducted to confirm the stability and reliability of the provisional power supply for the reopening of the three stations to passengers(Photos Indicated on a Slideshow). He also appeals to passengers to allot additional hours in their travel as the headway – or the time before another train arrives at the station – will take an average of 14 minutes since a speed restriction of 30 kilometers per hour (kph) needs to be implemented as the train approaches Anonas station.

Based on an article published by, Berroya says that the full restoration and repairs of the fire-damaged RSS signaling and telecommunications are simultaneously being undertaken.

He added that they are hoping to deploy more trains on LRT-2’s fleet so we are expediting the restoration of down trains. Fielding more trains will reduce the current headway and add more passengers to our current 32,000 average daily ridership as affected by the pandemic restrictions.

Travel time from Santolan to Recto Stations will take more than 35 minutes compared to 28 minutes when the system is in normal and good condition.

Schedule of Departing Trains From Their Respective Stations. Courtesy: Light Rail Transit Authority - LRT 2 Facebook Page

LRTA reminds passengers to adhere to all the safety protocols being implemented inside stations and trains to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Mandatory wearing of face mask and face shield, thermal scanning, regulated entry of passengers, physical distancing and “No Talking policy” are being implemented inside the stations and trains.

Photo Courtesy:

Light Rail Transit Authority - LRT 2 Official Facebook Page

LRT 2 (@Official LRTA) Offiial Twitter Account


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