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Saliva Test for COVID-19: 99% Accurate - Philippine Red Cross

Video Screenshot / Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg

The Philippine Red Cross(PRC) revealed that COVID-19 test thru the Saliva Test is accurate, as recorded by the United States with a 99 % percent detection rate in one million subjects tested.

Chief Paulyn Ubial of the Biomolecular Laboratories - Philippine Red Cross, says that it has submitted its own trial results for the saliva test, which is still waiting for approval of the Department of Health (DOH)’s health technology panel for its use.

Ubial says in an interview which is aired thru the TeleRadyo that this tests are cheaper and can be done much easier. In the University of Illinois, they have done one million saliva tests and 99 percent detection or concordance rate was recorded. She added that COVID-19 testing services would continue even after the national immunization program is launched.

Earlier, the PRC revealed success in its saliva test trials, saying they had been notified by the DOH that the test results have already reached the desk of the health secretary, meaning it was up for approval.

Please do note that no decisions have yet been made public about this test.

For the details of this article, you may visit this link which is published by PhilStar Global.


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