Pandemic Tax Relief / Amnesty For Delinquent Business Taxpayers

The Ordinance No. 728 series of 2021 known as the "Ordinance Granting Pandemic Tax Relief / Amnesty For Delinquent Business Taxpayers in the Municipality of Taytay, Rizal With Respect To Interests and Penalties and for Other Purposes", has jointly issued by the Municipal Government of Taytay (Rizal) and the 11th Sangguniang Bayan has take effect.

This pandemic tax relief program will be available to all delinquent business taxpayers with a duly registered business account in the municipality for the year 2021 and older.

The 3 - Page Ordinance. Courtesy: Taytay Public Information Office

Delinquent business taxpayers in our municipality are granted tax relief / amnesty in terms of interest and penalties if they fulfill their tax obligations before or until the last day of payment of business tax for this year, starting from the day this Ordinance takes effect.

A delinquent business owner is only eligible for financial assistance and/or amnesty until the last day of business tax payment in 2022. Thereafter, there will be no further financial assistance or amnesty for delinquent business owners.

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