Municipality of Taytay and Greenergy: Makati City Subway (MkTR) Project

The Honorable George Ricardo R. Gacula II and Honorable Michell Bermundo, Mayor and Vice Mayor for the Taytay(Rizal) Municipality signed as witnesses the agreement of Mr. Joaquin H. Rodriguez, Jr., the owner of the private land which will traverse the Makati City Subway and Mr. Antonio Lee Tiu, of the Makati Subway Proponent for Makati City Subway (MkTR) Project.

The project aims to create a new industrial, commercial and residential zones. Because of this, different businesses will develop the economy as part of the recovery plan of the municipality.

Traffic situation will improve in our municipality and it will become only 6 kilometers (6 kms) the distance from Makati City to our municipality.

Thank you for considering our LGU as one of the routes for this subway project.

Photo Courtesy: Taytay Public Information Office

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