Mask? Its A Must!

Since the start of the pandemic, ease in lockdowns restrictions due to decreasing COVID - 19 cases in the community has been recorded and alert level system has been implemented, facemasks has been a necessity in going outside to prevent the spread of virus.

In buying or wearing facemasks, we should be more meticulously in choosing what is comfortable to wear when you use it.

Courtesy: Mayor Joric Gacula

Facemasks are not a lifetime usage, some are reusable/washable or can be used twice, take note that if you are using a disposable mask, it cannot be worn for more than 2 months. Change your mask in right time.

Courtesy: Mayor Joric Gacula

We should be more responsible in wearing facemasks, it is for your own safety and the community.

Courtesy: Mayor Joric Gacula

Be more informative in wearing facemasks, here are some information of wearing facemasks:

Infographics Courtesy: Mayor Joric Gacula

Let's continue to follow safety health protocols to end the pandemic in our community.

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