COVID 19 Vaccination and Pre - Registration

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As posted by Honorable Mayor George Ricardo Gacula II's Facebook account related to COVID - 19 vaccine and registration, below is the details of the said post:

Facebook Post Photo Courtesy of: Hon. George Ricardo R. Gacula II

(Screenshot) Facebook Post by Hon. George Ricardo Gacula II related to COVID-19 Vaccine. Courtesy: Mayor Joric Gacula II / Taytay Public Information Office

For the details of the pre-registration of the vaccine, below is the screenshot as posted by Taytay Public Information Office Facebook Page:

Screenshot Post Courtesy of: Taytay Public Information Office

For the pre - registration of vaccination for COVID-19, below is the registration link (Thru Taytay Trail Contact Tracing App):

For inquiries, you may contact the Municipal Health Office(MHO) at the following numbers: 8 658 7285 / 8 658 8573 / 8 370 7794

Taytay COVAX Hotlines: 0968 729 9278 / 0961 717 8645 / 0961 717 8644 / 0961 717 8475 / 0956 260 3268

Or thru their email addresses: / /

For more updates, you may visit the Municipal Health Office - Taytay, Rizal official Facebook Page.

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