Ordinance No. 25: Amending The Provisions of Ordinance No. 24 S. 2020

A local marketgoers somewhere in Myanmar. Photo Courtesy: Lim Beng Tatt | The Star(Myanmar)

The ordinance was already released by the Sangguniang Bayan, amending the provisions of Ordinance No. 24 known as the "Prescribing The Guidelines And Regulating Mobility In Taytay, Rizal During The National Public Health Emergency" which was approved last March 17, 2020. This implements the new market operating hours, including talipapas due to COVID-19 crisis.

Operations will start at 5 in the morning until 7 in the evening starting March 25, 2020. Cut-off time of the markets and talipapa is 5:00 in the afternoon. Please bear in mind that the home quarantine pass that is given to you by your respective barangay should be with you when you go out.

Photo Courtesy: Taytay Public Information Office

No Pass, No Home Quarantine Pass will be implemented and social distancing will be strictly observed. Establishments should also comply strict social distancing in any transactions inside the marketplace or talipapa.

Stay safe to our fellow residents.

Photo Courtesy:

Lim Beng Tatt | The Star(Myanmar)

Taytay Public Information Office


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