COVID-19: A threat to the Filipino Community

In light with ongoing threat of COVID-19 which hits different places around the globe, we advise to do the practices to against the virus:

1. Hand Washing. Bringing of Alcohol, as an alternative to keep your hands clean.

2. Cough Etiquette - always cover your mouth when coughing anywhere.

3. Avoid any crowded places or travelling outside the country to avoid contact of the virus.

4. Consult to a doctor immediately if symptoms of the disease occur.

5. Always be healthy and eat healthy foods. Drink 8-10 glasses of water within the day and you may take vitamins to be more protected from any diseases.

6. You may also wear facemask as an alternative to protect yourself when going outside to avoid contact with any persons that may contain the disease.

Photo Courtesy: Manila Public Information Office | CNN Philippines

The following Hospitals in the municipality like the Taytay Emergency Hospital, Taytay Doctors Mulstispecialty Clinic and Hospital, Manila East Medical Center and Taytay Maternity and Children Hospital are ready to serve you. In cooperation with the Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (R.E.S.U) and Department of Health are always ready against this Notifiable Diseases.

Due to this invasion of the deadly disease, President Rodrigo Duterte signs Proclamation No. 922 declaring a State of Public Health Emergency throughout the country.

The Provincial Government of Rizal suspends classes in all levels which include public and private schools as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. Commercial establishments are closed except for the frontline services like pharmacies, groceries, etc. that serves the basic needs of the community. To take opportunity to this class suspensions, fumigations was conducted in different schools and public places in the municipality to disinfect the virus.