Mga Ipinagbabawal na paputok


This Circular is in furtherance of public safety, order and national security, pursu.rnt to Republic Act No. 7183, An Act Regulating the Sale, Manufacture and Use of Firsracken and Other Pyrotechnic Deuices, and the promotion of health and safety and general welfare of the people, in accordance with Section 16 of Republic Act No. 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991.


All concerned are hereby directed to implement and observe their respective roles and responsibilities, in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations:

2.1 The Provincial Government, tfuough the Provincial Governor, shall:

2.1.1 Ensure that the acts of component cities and municipalities of the province and of its ofEcials and employees are within the scope of their prescribed powers, functions, duties and responsibilities, pursuant to Section 465 (b) (2) (i), and Section 29, LG Code of 1991;

2.1.2 Ensure that only the following types of fuecrackers and pyrotech c devices are being manufactured, sold, distributed and used, as allowed under 2012 Revised IRR Governing the Administration and Enforcement of R.A. No. 7183:

2.1.3 Direct the PNP to con-fiscate the following rypes of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices that are prohibited by R.A. No. 7183 and its 2012 Revised IRR: r Atomic big, Trianggulo, Super lolo, Giant Whistle Bomb and Other rypes equivalent to the foregoing in explosive content, Firecrackers which are overweight or more than 0.2 grams or more than l/3 teaspoon in orplosive content, Firecrackers which are oversized. Ffuecrackers which fuse burns in less than 3 seconds or more than 6 seconds, Imported finished product, and Firecrackers with mixture of phosphorous or sulfur with that ofchlorate, and polyvrnyl prye "toga"; o Manufactured, sold or distributed without the necessary occupancy permit, or business or permit to operate; . Transported without a "Permit to Transpon", in the case of a dealer;

2.1.4 Direct all its component cities and municipalities to take the lead in the conduct of an information campaign within their respective jurisdictions on the (a) danger that the polyvinyl chloride pipe or "boga" and firearms may cause to the user or others, and (b) danger of fire due to the use of firecrackers or fireworks:

2.1.5 Convene the local Peace and Order Council in order to incorporate in the Public Safety Plan specific project(s) aimed at protecting constituents from the danger brought by the use of firecrackers, pyrotechnic devices, and firearms, and to ensure that police or other law enforcement agency personnel irnplement the project(s); and

2.1.6 Cooperate with the Philippine National Police and Bureau of Fire Protection in the conduct of joint iaspection and confiscation of Firecrackers Pyrotechnic Devices r Baby rocket . Bawang r Small Triangulo . Pulling of Strings o Paper caps o El diablo r Judah's belt e Sky rocket or Kwitis . Other types equivalent to the foregoing in explosive conte