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Taytay Economic and Investment Promotion Office (TEIPO)

The Taytay Rizal Economic Invesment and Promotions Office (TEIPO) shall be the implementing arm of the municipality’s Economic Development Incentives Code. It shall coordinate the drafting of the municipality’s Investment Priorities Plan, which shall be based primarily on the development agenda set forth by the municipality as embodied in its various policy documents, and also taking into consideration the economic development plans and policies outlines by the various national government agencies.


The TEIPO shall have the corresponding functions, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Formulate annual and medium-term plans for Medium and Large Enterprises (MLE) development.

  • Prepare investment opportunity profiles, including but not limited to industry profiles, project profiles, and viability/feasibility studies.


  • Identify support investment activities.

  • Monitor the performance of investments.

  • Coordinate and monitor policies, programs, and activities relative to MLEs of all national and local government agencies.

  • Continuously review the local investment climate and incentives program in order to recommend improvements.

  • Provide advisory and other support services to new investors to facilitate their investments.

  • Promote and market Taytay, Rizal as an attractive investment/business destination.

  • Identify key investment opportunities from among those provided by the Operations unit to be highlighted in promotions and marketing efforts.


  • Disseminate information about such to potential investors through: trade missions, trade fairs and exhibits, seminars, briefings, orientations, etc.


  • Develop and implement retention/expansion strategies for existing investors.

  • Establish and maintain a database of investment opportunities and investors.

  • Recommend and/or implement improvements in systems and processes towards simplification or improved productivity.

Invest Now In Our Municipality!

Being the Garments and Woodworks Capital of the Philippines, shall give additional fiscal incentives for NEWLY registered Micro Enterprises that are in the manufacturing of garments and woodworks production.

The additional fiscal incentives are as follows:

  • 5% Discount on Mayor's Permit for the 1st to 5th year of operation.

  • 10% Discount on Mayor's Permit Fee for the 6th to 10th year of operation

For more details, you may contact our office indicated below:

Department Directory:

Ms. Mary Lucette P. Dela Rosa

   Department Head, TEIPO


Contact Number: 8 284 4765

Email Address:

Official Facebook Page: Taytay Economic and Investment Promotion Office - Taytay, Rizal

Address: TEIP Office / M.I.S, 4th Floor, Taytay Municipal Hall, Don Hilario Cruz. Ave., Club Manila East Complex, Barangay San Juan, Taytay, Rizal 1920

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